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Central Bohemia is large recreation area which extends south of Prague along the rivers Vltava and Sázava. This area is also popular with hikers and fans of waters sports, from canoeing and kayaking to windsurfing. The tradition of camps with wooden chalets has still been preserved here.

Accommodation in a family-house near to baroque basilica Svata Hora (Holy Hill) in Pribram



(Pribram extends along the foot of the Brdy mountain range 62 km south-west of Prague - Excellent access to Prague by car (30min) or by bus (50min). Tourists often head for the chateaux in Březnice, Dobříš and Hluboš, the Antonín Dvořák Memorial in Vysoká, the Karel Čapek Memorial in Strž, the Vojna Memorial set up where the communist work camp was operated in 1947–1961, and the Museum of Rural Buildings of the Central Vltava River basin in Vysoký Chlumec – one of the most recent open-air museums in Bohemia.

The house has 2 apartments. Apartment for rent has got 2 rooms and kitchen. Toilet and Bathroom (usable area of 65 m²).

K dispozici je parkovani v objektu, zahradni posezeni s grilem a terasa.

The house is furnished and has got really nice garden, possibility of parking.

In the place of residence there is a good availability of public transport, trains, schools, kindergartens, shops, theatre, cinema etc. There are many sport areas in Příbram which you can use: the Aquapark with toboggans, sports gym, tennis courts, softball grounds, football piches, covered and open-air ice halls and a skiing slope with an artificial surface.

It´s also possible to rent the second apartment (4 rooms and kitchen).